Relieve the symptoms of snoring


Do not overwork the day: the physical and mental overwork can lead to mental and muscle tension and fatigue, especially if the day is really busy at bedtime best to soothe body and mind, such as a warm bath, massage, listen to soft music and so on, and then go to sleep, will sleep in a relatively stable, relatively unencumbered. Do not engage in stimulating activities before bedtime: bedtime activities mainly Rouhuan best to not let emotions too excited, because the nerves will not relax now, making the rest of the night unable to sit safely. Lateral: Sleeping on their backs or make respiratory comparison is not smooth, when positional, slack muscles tend to side, are less likely to block the airway. Avoid smoking, alcohol and stimulant medication: smoking, drinking and drugs will make the muscles more relaxed irritating, but more will block the airway. Weight: obesity polyps often than the mast, and the meat inside the nose and throat are more hypertrophy, it is easier to live clog the airway.

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