Bananas can’t relieve symptoms of constipation


Bananas are tropical and subtropical fruits, in order to facilitate storage and transport, when picking bananas, can not wait for it to ripen, but you have to put in storage in the banana peel off the green. Astringency from raw banana bananas contain a lot of tannin. When ripe bananas, although not taste astringency, but the tannic acid component remains. Tannic acid has a very strong convergence effect, you can form a hard, dry stool stool, causing constipation. Can play a laxative effect of food there are many, such as apples, sweet potatoes, corn, etc., because the rich in dietary fiber, laxative effect is also very good. Apples are rich in dietary fiber – pectin, so Apple can play on the purge issue bi-regulatory role. When dry stool, eating apples can play a laxative effect. Apple pectin itself can absorb 2.5 times the volume of water discharged is easy to soften the stool, constipation can relieve worry. When the stool, diarrhea, apple pectin and can absorb moisture in the stool, making stools thicken, and thus play a role in diarrhea. Apple This “two-way adjustment” role is very soft, especially for the elderly and infants. In addition, sweet potato, corn, oats, buckwheat and other whole grains are rich in dietary fiber, but also the effectiveness of prevention and treatment of constipation.

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