Good habits can help lower blood pressure


Obese body fat too much, so that would make the burden on the heart and blood vessels, thus inducing hypertension. In addition, the study also found that for every 1 kg of body weight, blood pressure will rise by 1 mm Hg. Therefore, prevention of hypertension, weight control is a top priority. Salty diet can lead to high blood pressure, which is already internationally recognized facts. From the aspect of control of blood pressure, the World Health Organization considers not more than 5 grams of salt a day, which also includes “invisible salt.” Moderate alcohol consumption does not contribute to health leave, excessive drinking can lead to high blood pressure is also true. Smoking more Needless to say, the nicotine in tobacco on the central nervous system stimulant not a little bit sympathetic, U.S. research shows that every smoking a cigarette, systolic blood pressure will increase 10 – 25 mm Hg. It was because of physical problems, sodium excreted in vivo is difficult, even if very little salt, do not change this situation. Such people must be more calcium, eat milk, shrimp, seaweed, dates, walnuts and the like food. Celery kind of substance can relieve vascular tension, reduce the secretion of adrenaline, which play a sedative effect on lowering blood pressure helpful. Irritable temper blood pressure more often than people who want peace of mind is high, a strong stimulus, fear, excitement, etc. will make people’s blood pressure. So it seems, doing nothing when a deep breath and let yourself peace of mind, maintain a happy mood, but also helps in blood pressure.

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