Alkaline foods to eat after exercise can relieve fatigue


Weakly alkaline fluids normal person after physical exercise, feel the muscles, joints soreness and mental fatigue, mainly because of the body’s carbohydrate, fat and protein are a lot of decomposition, the decomposition process, produce lactic acid, phosphoric acid, etc. acidic substances. These acidic substances stimulate the body’s tissues and organs, people feel the muscles, joints soreness and mental fatigue. At a time when simple food rich in acidic meat, eggs, fish, etc., would be more acidic body fluids, is not conducive to relieve fatigue. And edible vegetables, potato, citrus, apple fruits, due to their role as a base, the body of excess acid can be eliminated, reducing the acidity of urine, uric acid increases the solubility of acid may reduce the formation of stones in the bladder.
So, people in the exercise, you should eat more alkaline-rich foods, such as fruits, vegetables, soy products, etc., in order to facilitate the body to maintain a basic balance between acidity and maintain human health, reduce fatigue caused by the movement as soon as possible.

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