Proper use of electric fans


Many people like to blow a long time fan, I feel just stopped blowing cold body, the body also will feel the heat, as long blowing comfortable. However, for a long time in front of fans blowing, body temperature will evaporate with a lot of sweat and fall prone to colds, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other diseases. Someone To cool quickly as possible, he gave the fans open to the maximum speed that the wind fun antipyretic. This is malpractice. When the temperature exceeded 30 ℃, air temperature is close to normal human body temperature, wind blowing fans, but also the high-temperature air, this time the main body heat by evaporation of sweat cooling should, if the wind fan too large, the skin surface the temperature drops, the pores occlusion, distribute inside the body sweat out, still feel hot, but there will be fatigue, weakness, back pain modern science believes that the best control in indoor wind speed of 0.2-0.5 m / s, especially in and better ventilation in the room where there Guotang Feng, fans of the wind but can not be too large. Therefore, should be transferred to the blowing fan speed or low speed, blowing a gentle breeze as well.

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