3 minutes of health


Supine breathing three minutes: the body relax lying in bed, suck enough breath, summon a stomach, then slowly exhale, so repeated several times. This action can move the body organs, blood vessels and nerves to ease rhythmic movement. Conducive to digestion phlegm, but also conducive to a stable sleep.
Rub 3 minutes: first hands palms rubbing each other until the palms feel slightly hot, rub each other back then, finally fingers crossed, rub each other. Hands point intensive, often rubbing these points, you can play a role in health care to their corresponding organs.
Bend over three minutes: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and then gradually bow down, his hands touch the ground, two seconds, one minute 30 times. Beginning can be less bent several times, gradually increasing. This exercise can increase resistance to stress and cerebrovascular, for troubled many people migraine headaches, there is a certain role in mitigation.

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