Fruit peels can also be used as medicine


Watermelon: for refreshing thirst, detoxification, watermelon rind than West rang. TCM medicine with watermelon and melon juice dubbed the “watermelon Chui Yi”, with heat and hot weather, lower blood pressure and other effects of anemia, dry throat, cleft lip, cystitis, liver ascites, nephritis have a certain effect. Banana peel: – banana mesothelin active ingredients inhibit fungal and bacterial banana peel contains. Curable infection caused by the fungus pruritus. Banana peel lungs intestines, blood, increasing the effectiveness of the essence. The banana peel pounded ginger anti-inflammatory pain, hand, foot rub with banana peel, can prevent frostbite. In addition, dried banana peel flour, or a good beauty to share. Pear skin: Cold Pickle, can cool heart and lungs, in addition to fire Phlegm, with Lipi 30 grams decoction, a pure heart and lungs, cough and phlegm, treat phlegm, cough. The skins smashed drunk, topical lesion can cure ulcer pain, frequency of drinking with fresh skins decoction can detoxify swelling.

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