Bloody nose how to do


Many nosebleeds reasons, nasal trauma, knot dry crusts on the mucous membrane, by acid, alkali foreign object damage, sun overheating, such as excessive drinking. Nosebleeds are often the cardiovascular system, the organ complications, various infections, blood disorders and other diseases. If frequent nosebleeds outside and suffering from allergic rhinitis, out of yellow or green mucus, or bright red lips often, bad breath, is very hot. First, of course, to heat, more important is the amount of weekdays, do not let him eat chewing food, snacks such as chocolate, cookies, chips, etc., is also very hot, eat sparingly. Nosebleeds advice: Sit up straight, so the blood flow to the throat. Ice may promote vasoconstriction, reducing bleeding. Sit up straight, so the blood flow to the throat. Left (right) nostril bleeding, lift the right (left) arm to stop bleeding after a few minutes. Let the patient sitting in a chair, soak your feet in hot water, can stop nosebleed.

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