Breakfast nutritional choices


Breakfast is a good opportunity to supplement milk. Dairy products are a source of high quality protein, and rich in calcium, eat the food in general, no one can be compared with the calcium content of milk. Breakfast time to use milk intake, such as a glass of milk, goat’s milk, low-sugar yogurt are all good choices, milk calcium and bone development in addition to relevant outside while having to promote nerve and muscle stimulation sensing, in other words, has the effect of emotional stability. Therefore, in the morning to a cup of milk or soy milk is also good, again a fried egg, all you can eat high quality protein, let us look early in the morning full of energy, full of vitality. If you can add fruit breakfast, the quality will be better! Fruit vitamin A, C rich sources and vitamin B complex, fiber, and minerals, not only has the effect of stimulating appetite, and can promote intestinal peristalsis and maintain body acid-base balance, eat fruit not only beautify the skin, morning and let us look radiant, beautiful and touching Oh! example, we can choose to eat zhou with vegetables, or to a lettuce salad with ham in three Meiji cucumber. And after breakfast eat an apple, orange or half a banana would be better.

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