Health standards of the elderly


Whether physical or mental, or is social skills, often used only in order to maintain a healthy balance dynamically. Doctors recommend psychologically not set limits for yourself, think to a certain age can not be how to, and advancing, maintaining health and vitality in all aspects, whether it is physical, mental or social.
Self-challenge. Many studies show that by learning new things to stimulate the brain, can promote the growth of brain cells and increase the number of brain axons, thereby helping to keep the mind active and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Brain scans showed that long to learn new things, no matter how trivial, such as changing hands for dinner, for the new road to the old place, etc., can be benign brain stimulation, increasing the relevant parts of the area.

Adhere to quantitative exercise. A lot of people’s movement amounted to less than the recommended 30 minutes a day of moderate-intensity sports, and sedentary too long. With age, health problems will increasingly prominent. Doctors said the movement does not have to sweat in the gym, the key is to adhere to a certain amount of daily exercise, such as community playground ran a few laps to go, or walk to work, and so on, eclectic.
Maintaining social networks. Maintain close contact with family, friends and neighbors, to establish a stable social network, has been studied proved to be an important factor in enhancing the elderly mental function and prolong life. Doctors said that in his later years to maintain close social critical survival value to prove the elderly (instructions are family and social needs), and given its survival purposes.
Regular psychological pressure. More and more studies have found that chronic stress (often psychological pressure) and depression, heart problems and even cognitive disorders related. Doctors said this is why learn to manage stress in daily life is very important, that we must learn to relieve the pressure. Not only undermine the psychological pressure, but also damage the body healthy.


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