Many people are wrong warm-up action


3 minutes to warm up, only to arouse awareness of body movement, lasts about 5-10 minutes, before they can fully active body. Of particular note is that according to the different winter sports, an appropriate extension of the warm-up time to ensure that physical activity can be fully opened. For example, to play, it is best to jog three minutes, do stretching exercise. Generally, warm-up activities should have a certain relevance, such as the movement needs to focus on certain parts of the force, and then have to be focused during warm-up, can not do sports, they all look simply stretched hands. Warm-up exercises should focus on large muscle groups, can trot before exercise by standing, lifting knees to the legs warm; yes you can do chest and shoulder turn, lifter arm circling like. Like treadmills can do first 3-5 minutes of brisk walking, do stretching exercises. Warm-up is to protect the body during exercise does not hurt, but if action is not warm up properly, it may be counterproductive, such as twisting the neck and wriggled. There are neck and waist action sports, may be appropriate to look at the activities, but the physical structure of the head do not fit reversed, because the rotation of the neck will produce unnatural pressure, over time will be a sprained neck, and even lead to slipped disc . In addition, the elderly, or lumbar degenerative disease, the best small hips, waist to avoid sprains or aggravate injuries.

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