Correct view of men’s beauty


The skin is the appearance of the image of an important aspect of skin health of men, not only to the impression in the eyes of others, but also directly affect the quality of their own emotions. A variety of reasons, a variety of skin problems has plagued every man. In general, after the man entered puberty, hormones stimulate sebum secretion, excessive skin oils, easy to form pores clog; excessive smoking and drinking can cause rough skin, acne, acne, rosacea and other phenomena; combined men usually work pressure, mental stress, lack of sleep, lack of nutrition skin, and many other factors, coupled with age, the skin tends to become loose, wrinkled, dull, prematurely lost their youthful style. Man skin is characterized by a thick cuticle, large pores, strong oil secretion, coupled with the majority of men do not care for their skin, so there are more than 80% of the male skin is oily. Summer due to changes in climate, rough skin Maoyou like block oilfield. Excessively oily skin will not only let you in the nose, forehead (the so-called T-shaped portions) grow acne, acne is more annoying is that the culprit. Not to mention the long-term accumulation in the grease because the pores, will make his face look dull, dirty.

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