Training methods to protect the spine


6:00-7:00 face when first bend your knees, then gently stooping forward. When brushing your teeth, you can single-handedly propped sinks, feet one after the other, to reduce the curvature of the spine, lower spine force. To go out, it is best not too heavy shoulder bag back, but also to change sides every 10-20 minutes, or back shoulder bag. Or when the contraction of the abdomen while walking to reduce waist front camber, causing pressure on the spine. 7:00-9:00 on the bus or subway, found no place to sit, if there is a slight protrusion of the pedal, you can turn to a foot on the pedal to the hip flexion to avoid excessive lumbar before the song. 9:00-17:00 choose a high chair, a chair that can support the waist, avoiding the spine, back muscles overuse. When sitting, knees should be slightly higher than the hips, back will naturally straight. Can add a back support cushion can also get a towel, roll up mats at the waist. Up activities about every 30-40 minutes. Even sitting correctly, it could not have been maintained, the best position to do the reverse and continuous action to achieve balance. 17:00-22:00 After work, it is best to cultivate a habit sports, swimming, walking is good, in particular, to exercise the abdomen, back muscles, which are responsible for protecting the spine stable, provide adequate support for the spine edge.

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