Dependence wipes or cause allergic skin inflammation


Wipes favored by more and more in their daily lives. More and more people have got used to carry wet wipes, before meals, after dinner, or access to public places, ready to rub out instead of their hands, consider doing both easy and hygienic, even mistakenly believe that you can disinfect off bacteria. In fact, the best method of disinfection or washing hands with soap and rinse with water. Because of wet wipes contain a variety of additives, preservatives, excessive exposure, alcohol and other chemical components, is apt to cause allergic contact dermatitis and other skin problems. And most people do not use a wet paper towel and wash hands after chemical composition will be left in the hands of the skin is particularly detrimental. When wet wipes reused, not only can not remove bacteria, but some of the bacteria will survive the transfer to uncontaminated surfaces. So pay attention, it is best to rub a new face every change a paper towel, but do not use it to wipe the eyes and other sensitive areas. Disinfectant wipes for the general use of non-woven material. Some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, with cotton or fiber material instead, wet wipes such material is easy to mold, deterioration, there are impurities on the cloth, easy to use fluff. Once the wipes have produced a moldy, do not use these wipes, wet wipes are the basic ingredients no flavor, we usually smell of tea, lavender fragrance, deodorant by adding arising select Unscented wipes, which means fewer additives can be contacted for the baby, the more important.

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