Easy for men to fall asleep food


Foods rich in pineal
The reason why foods rich in melatonin can improve sleep, sleep quality due to people closely associated with the brain of a substance called melatonin.
Night, the darkness will stimulate the synthesis and secretion of melatonin the body, via the blood circulation and it will act on the sleep center allows the body to produce thick drowsiness. At dawn, the light stimulus will be reduced by the pineal gland, people woke up from a sleep state.
The study found that after entering middle age, the body will gradually reduce melatonin, the young age of 40 for the fourth time; 50 years old to sixth; 60 years of age will be reduced to one tenth . Therefore, the elderly can promote sleep by supplementing melatonin-rich foods. Such foods include oatmeal, sweet corn, tomatoes, bananas.
Caffeine food fight
Stimulant tea can affect sleep. Thus, if the impact of sleep during the day and drinking more, you can use a few grams of Semen soaked drink at bedtime, or with rice porridge with Semen bedtime drink a small bowl.
Semen contains jujuboside A, jujuboside B, birchbark acids, alcohols, and three kinds of birchbark sterols, which can reduce blood levels of norepinephrine, thus combating poor sleep caused by the caffeine .
Inhibition of 5 – HT Food
If you often drowsy during the day, but at night sleep is not stable, you can eat a piece of bread or bread at bedtime. Because such people are more in the daytime secretion of tryptophan, tryptophan will be converted to 5 – hydroxytryptamine, 5 – serotonin hypnotic effect, will cause drowsy, while the evening the body of tryptophan are inadequate, difficult to fall asleep .


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    Night, the darkness will stimulate the body to sleep peacefully. But there have insomnia symptoms in men. How to have a good quality sleep time is especially important, today we have to introduce a man to sleep contributes five kinds of food. With the view under the bar?

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