Healthy Habits


When you open your eyes, the eye is bright, vibrant colors, they make you feel excited, this instant surge of energy can clear the confusion in your mind, so you excited. Open your eyes in the morning you can see the pillows, blankets, or artwork changed to red, orange or purple, you can also add these warm colors on his robe. You can even give yourself a glass of antioxidant-rich pomegranate juice or cranberry juice, add a sweetness of oranges, make breakfast full of charm colors stimulate your senses (which you can also get a very healthy nutritional support). Get up to drink a large glass of water is an excellent way to supplement the loss of body water all night, it will give you the energy needed instantaneous. Chemical reactions in the human body needs water, if water, all aspects of our body functions are affected, which may lead to inflammation. In fact, the amount of water stored in the body fell 2 percentage points will make you feel physically and mentally tired. So, from now on, so that their first step, the Institute of Medicine recommends drinking a large glass of water to 11 women, a day to keep yourself hydrated glory.

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