Health advice carbonated beverages


Carbonated drinks generally contain about 10% of sugar, a small bottle of calories to reach a hundred kilocalories, often drink fattening. Soft drinks has clearly become one of the most important dietary source of causing caries. Soft drinks and acidic substances acidic sugar byproducts will soften the enamel of the teeth play a role in promoting the formation of cavities. If the enamel to soften, plus incorrect brushing, teeth and other bad habits, can cause tooth damage. Drinking too much soda is not good for the stomach not only, but also greatly affect digestion. Because large amounts of carbon dioxide while inhibiting bacteria beverages, bacteria on the human body also have inhibitory effects, the digestive system would be destroyed. Especially young people, about drinking too much, releasing carbon dioxide can easily cause bloating, affecting appetite, and even cause gastrointestinal disorders, cause gastrointestinal illness. Drinking cola drinks contain phosphates, will affect the body’s absorption of calcium. Carbonated beverage ingredient, in particular coke, most containing phosphate. Often people will not care, but this phosphorylation but it will subtly affect your bones, drinks carbonated beverages bone health is threatened. A large number of phosphate intake will affect the absorption of calcium, causing calcium and phosphorus imbalance. Once calcium loss, for at risk youth during the growth and development of the body damage is very large, slow skeletal calcium doubt means, osteoporosis, so the data shows, often a large number of young people drinking carbonated beverages fractures are other youth 3 times.

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