Benefits of abdominal breathing


Yawning is a physiological needs of the body. It is a nervous fatigue signal that excitement is imminent or has already reached its highest point, to remind people this time should take a break. In addition, yawning helps to relax the eye muscles, promote blood circulation eye, bright eyes feel more comfortable. American Health Care Association, scientists have therefore recommended that, for a long time staring at computer work who wish to yawn when tired, to relieve eye fatigue. People in his spare time, fatigue, might as well do a few chest movement. This will not only be able to exercise the pectoral muscle, may also increase lung capacity, improve respiratory function, improve quality of work and life. Meanwhile, the chest muscles chest exercise, stretching and stimulating the thymus gland, which secrete more pro-immune substances, thereby improving disease cancer-fighting ability. Deep breathing can increase ventilation and pulmonary ventilation, improve oxygen saturation, promote body organs, the systems fully functional. In addition, the lungs can also promote blood circulation, help the smooth discharge of residual gas and other metabolites in the lungs. In addition, deep breathing can stimulate alveolar distractor, causing parasympathetic nervous excitement, which can relax the body, relieve tension.

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