Cold gargle with salt water


Dry and cold winter weather, the temperature difference between morning and evening, we decreased the body’s resistance to bacteria, viruses often headed the invasion, colds naturally bear the brunt. Recently, a significant increase in flu patients clinic. Transmission of colds and flu is mainly spread through droplets through the respiratory tract can also be spread directly or indirectly through contact with the mouth, nose, eyes, mucous membranes, etc.. If you gargle with salt water, can inhibit bacteria, viruses multiply to a certain extent, the key parts of the throat and nose establish a healthy barrier. Daily in the morning and evening and postprandial gargle with salt water to remove oral bacteria. In an influenza pandemic should pay attention when the salt water gargle. When salt water gargle, salt concentration should be slightly higher than the saline concentration (0.9% saline solution) is. Was added in a 500 ml flat spoon cup salt, can be dissolved after the mouthwash. Preferably in the morning and brush your teeth after night, each 10 ml, gargle for a minute, so if the upward saline rinse thoroughly rinse the throat better.
Prevent colds but also keep the room ventilated room should adhere to the ventilation window twice a day, every 20 minutes or so, so as to reduce the breeding of pathogenic microorganisms in the air, prevent colds. Interior should maintain a certain humidity. To put out a thick coat, hat, scarf and gloves, attention to warm cold.

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