Olive oil deal with dry itchy skin


Mints to eliminate traffic jams anxiety. People living in big cities inevitably suffer traffic jams trouble, then do not be anxious to get angry, eat a piece of mint-flavored mints or gum, may be able to calm your emotions. NASA study says 20 percent of peppermint can reduce traffic jams anxiety, improve alertness by 30% in order to ensure safe driving. Olive oil deal with skin diseases. Eczema, psoriasis and other skin easily inflamed, scaling and itching, the best use is olive oil, cream painted the same as directly put on the affected area, the symptoms can be slowly improving. “Antioxidants in olive oil can reduce the chances of inflammation, most importantly, to help grease moisturizing, natural, does not stimulate.” 许仲瑶 said before shampooing will wipe olive oil on the scalp, a little massage, 2 hours after cleaning, you can also dandruff. Ginger relieve muscle pain. Mention ginger, think warm-up effect. But the latest research shows that ginger is also a muscle pain reliever. Published in the United States, “Journal of Pain,” the study shows, eat some of the ginger can relieve household chores, exercise-induced muscle pain, cooked ginger can reduce muscle pain by 23%, raw pain can be reduced by 25%. In addition, the new deputy director of Taiwan’s Chungli Hospital Sports Medicine Center Linsong Kai proposal, eat fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, such as carrots, dark green vegetables, or berries contain polyphenols, such as bayberry, cherry, etc., can relieve muscle pain. Fish, flaxseed contains omega 3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory effects.

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