Eat more protein to stay awake


Not drowsy afternoon, in addition to adequate sleep outside, what to eat for lunch is also very close relationship. There are health benefits too good to eat. When beginning to digest food lunch gastrointestinal blood supply will focus on the gastrointestinal tract, absorption of nutrients, blood supply to the brain will be reduced, there will be a feeling drowsy. Especially when lunch excessive intake of carbohydrates, glycemic index will be high, the body’s blood sugar rise and fall quickly after, people will feel no strength, sleepy. For most people, lunch, eat more rice, bread is normal thing. Represented in these staple carbohydrate calorie intake, people have been accounted for total calorie intake of food 2/3. But everyone knows that these foods glycemic index of 80 or more, almost as high as with sugar. They cause people drowsy afternoon reasons. Therefore, in order not to fall asleep in the afternoon, have lunch with stress. First of all, slow down the body’s absorption of carbohydrates. Eat more foods containing protein, such as fish, eggs, soy, etc., eat carbohydrates such as rice and other staples. Lunch consisting of protein and vegetables, to keep the brain sharp thinking and alertness play a decisive role. Secondly, in order to eat the soup can be the first, then bite and staple. This will let the stomach feel full, eat not let the stomach overload. Finally, eat eight full, or prone to cause brain hypoxia.

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