How to protect the throat, pharyngitis prevention


To ensure the quality of the time and eat, such as prolonged starvation or overeating, resulting in gastrointestinal disorders, affecting digestion and absorption, causing physical weakness, colds, increase pharyngitis. Some eclipse meat and fried foods, do not eat vegetables, some people are afraid to gain weight, eat only vegetables and fruits, do not eat or rarely eat grain pasta, over time, can lead to nutrient imbalances in vivo, resulting in a lack of vitamins, protein and other ingredients , physical decline. There are people who like to eat hot, cold, or spicy foods, or addicted to drink tea, so often in the pharyngeal mucosa congestion state, aggravated throat symptoms. In addition, eating too fast, swallowing food without ponder on rough balls to make the burden throat, inflammation is difficult to remove, and easy to be mixed in food foreign object (such as a fish bone, etc.) punctured mucous membranes, increased inflammation. These are not conducive to health. Now who’s the pace of life accelerated, complex relationships, often in fatigue, mental tension, the opportunity to participate in physical exercise is reduced. Many people lack adequate sleep, rest, or stay up late evening, breaking the normal patterns of life, there are those who for various reasons depressed all day, the body resistance weakened, susceptible to external pathogenic factors violations that are not persistent and chronic pharyngitis more exacerbations. Some people used to mouth breathing, and some often “throat cough” cough, which would aggravate chronic pharyngitis inflammation, restoring its very unfavorable. Smoking, drinking great harm on the throat, therefore, chronic pharyngitis must quit drinking.

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