Ways to prevent colds in winter


When you go out, sometimes because of a sudden change in the weather, the clothes worn by insufficient warm, then can not put himself into a crunch, crunch the cold more easily because the more invasive, and should be done immediately asanas breathing method is to hold your hands before jumping abdomen, take a deep breath, inhale inhale intended limbs, and the two arms slightly outward expansion, so that you can enhance cold tolerance will not feel cold. If the cold air has invaded the body, the body feels cold, you rub the back of the neck with the palm hard hairline, 100 per hand rub, the general can sweat out a cold sweat can be avoided. If you already have a cold feeling, such as saliva, sticky, uncomfortable, then in the evening before going to sleep, light blue, ginger 20 grams, 3 grams of salt powder, mash, rub chest wrapped with gauze order, after back, hands, ribs nest, cubital fossa, soles of the feet, six parts, and the cover is sleeping, night sweat slightly out point will be good to get up early the next day. But within two days, pay attention to cold, to avoid repeated.

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