Tea benefits and harms


Very nutritious tea, where as many as 300 kinds of ingredients, such as theophylline, theobromine, crude fiber, gum, vitamin A, vitamin B original, vitamin P, also contains rutin with active “tea Dan Ning “are beneficial to humans nutrients. Tea can reduce blood fat, cholesterol, and hardening of the arteries and the incidence. Polyphenols in tea is a powerful antioxidant, can play a cosmetic effect. Tea is not appropriate, otherwise it will make people over-excitement, rapid heartbeat, frequent urination and other adverse reactions. Moreover, due to the loss of too much calcium, gastric mucosa are stimulated too heavy, long-term drinking tea and also likely to cause stomach ulcers. Adequate energy is very important, if bedtime drink too much tea, will make their brains too sober and could not sleep, of rest. In addition, iron deficiency anemia, the former school, active stomach ulcers in patients who dysfunction, stones, acute exacerbation of heart patients are not suitable for tea.

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