Prevent colds daily food


The researchers found that garlic, ginger, chili, lemon, citrus and edible flowers for the treatment of colds have a good effect, lemon and orange with the role of detoxification; ginger, chili can do expectorant, there helps the body to expel the cold virus; garlic can not only kill bacteria, but also strengthens the immune system. Chicken, chicken soup contains a variety of amino acids the body needs, you can effectively enhance the body’s resistance to cold viruses. In particular, certain special chemical substances contained in the soup is excellent in enhancing blood circulation and nasopharynx special role of nasal mucus secretion. Therefore, the cold early, drink soup can effectively eliminate the virus in the respiratory tract, the respiratory tract normal state, thereby promoting healing. Vitamin C tablets with signs of a cold or taking vitamin C to prevent colds intranasal formulations have achieved better results. Thus, a variety of vegetables rich in vitamin C prevent colds fruits can be said of natural medicine. Long-term eating more foods rich in saturated fatty acids, such as meat, margarine, and cereals, vegetables, fruits, eat less, will reduce the antiviral immune cells ability to cause a cold.

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