Aerobic Fitness Mistakes


Many people know that “aerobic exercise” good for the body, but what is “aerobic exercise”, most people can not say where, and some even believe that aerobic exercise is intuitive enough oxygen environment movement. In fact, is not “aerobic exercise”, a standard measure of heart rate. When the heart rate reached 70% -75% of maximum heart rate, can be identified as performing aerobic exercise. In addition, the effect of fitness exercise is also not more tired workout better. Because excessive exercise stress can damage health, low exercise load will reach fitness purposes only choose the appropriate load strength to get healthy in order to become a powerful guarantee. For most people, the movement to maintain “aerobic” state are: sweated lasts not sweating. To achieve enhanced endurance training effect, the minimum requirements for aerobic exercise is a total workout time of 30 minutes a day, three times a week. In addition, whether the fatigue generated by the movement in the next elimination is not a standard measure of aerobic exercise: will fatigue after exercise, but if the next day that is able to recover, this is normal phenomenon; If fatigue the next day can not be eliminated, then the excessive movement, and beyond the scope of aerobic exercise.

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