Protection after shaving


Note clean with a brush to clean the blades and the contact surface good electric shaver, if the knife can be washed, put it in the wash before and after use. Electric shavers are usually in dry environments, the general should keep the face dry shave, but you can also use a dedicated electric razor and shaving dedicated water to soften the beard. Guawan beard, skin care should not be forgotten. In order to avoid the growth of bacteria, cleaning after use is essential. In order to have a good “face”, or more attention to the point of it, the use of shaving, the best attention to the following advice: shaving cream or shaving gel and shaving foam are used before shaving can keep moisture accelerate the beard softening, reducing damage and discomfort. After-shave lotion to maintain moisture and prevent water evaporation after shaving. When choosing shaving cream or shaving lotion or choose relatively cool pastel as well, because their main task is to ease and calm the skin, do not think there is a burning sensation of the product have manly. Generally speaking, after-shave lotion is a good skin care choices lotion is also good, if your skin is dry, you should pay attention to choose moisturizing effect is a good product, if it is mixed or oily skin, choose a little light .

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