Use cold treatment of sports injuries


For the treatment of acute sports injuries are modern four principles, namely, rest, ice, compression and elevation. Rest to avoid aggravating the injury to reduce pain due to the continued movement caused by bleeding or swelling. Icing can make local vasoconstriction, can effectively reduce bleeding and edema, and there effects of local anesthesia and analgesia. Oppression have local hemostasis. Limb elevation role like water to flow, you can reduce the injured area of edema. First, knowing hurt and pain obviously, you should not continue to exercise, as this would lead to further aggravate the injury and treatment will increase the difficulty; secondly, if the swelling in the injured area, do not do hot, because it cause more severe swelling, which is at the door, emergency most commonly encountered error; once again, in the absence of clear specific injury massage will increase the damage. In short, the occurrence of sports injuries, do not be too “positive, enthusiastic” in themselves.

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