Life method of lowering blood pressure


Hypertensive patients and high-risk groups should actively participate in outdoor sports. Outdoors in the sun 10 minutes because of the sun, the blood pressure can be reduced by 6 mm Hg. Ultraviolet radiation of sunlight allows the body to produce a nutrient – vitamin D3, vitamin D3 and calcium interaction and is able to control arterial blood pressure, so the sun can make the appropriate drop in blood pressure. Limbs, skin, blood vessels can dilate the sun, there are indeed a mild antihypertensive effect. It should be noted in the hot sun exposure can not, especially in the elderly, in order to avoid heat stroke. Any interaction between people on the body will produce different effects, even relaxed chat about the weather also affects the cardiovascular system, especially blood pressure. Blood pressure rises when speaking, and listening to the rapid decline in blood pressure when others speak. Reading aloud; staring a blank wall; watch the fish in the water. Test results were recorded: the opening reading, the highest blood pressure; while watching the fish in the pond, then the blood pressure low. Seen in patients with hypertension usually have to keep the mood calm and listen to the conversation to talk about combining to listen mainly to avoid the emotional and loud. Home hypertension give more blue-green decorations, to have a role in regulating blood pressure. First cold water bath for 3 minutes, then hot water bath for 3 minutes, repeated seven times a day. Help to enhance the elasticity of blood vessels and blood circulation, high blood pressure caused by atherosclerosis have this effect. Ways to shrink after the first major expansion of the blood vessels, to improve vasomotor function of some help, but it should be noted cold to moderate, especially for elderly patients to avoid vasomotor cause low blood pressure fluctuated. The above non-drug treatments, whether mild or severe high blood pressure are very important, but by the above method in patients with hypertension can not control, especially in patients with severe hypertension, be sure to consult a doctor, by your doctor antihypertensive drugs.

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