Do not put these appliances into Bedroom


Beds probably be the highlight of the electromagnetic field measurements at home. If the long-term sleep in high magnetic fields, one can imagine how this affected. It can also know that the so-called “bedside sound” should not be placed on the bedside. In principle any electrical appliances should be away from your bed. Visitors always complain about poor quality of sleep, in fact, is likely to be placed near the hotel bed heaters, fans, air cleaners, air conditioners and other electrical trouble, you know, a small heater in the magnetic field can be as high as 200mG more. Refrigerator is the kitchen where a high magnetic field, particularly in the refrigerator is in operation, hums, the heat released by the magnetic field lines the rear or bottom of the refrigerator is in front of dozens or even hundreds of times higher (around refrigerator range measured 1 ~ 9mG, the Founder central up 300mG). If the efficiency of the refrigerator is not high, the buzz is particularly long, is particularly large, if you use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust on the heat pipe, it will improve the efficiency of the refrigerator, but also to reduce the home field. Magnetic field with a low-voltage power transformers generally have a high place in the wiring can be measured 300mG above, but only 30 cm away from the immediately fell 1mG less of. Mobile phone charger, portable-player field at the outlet of the transformer is also higher, so to keep a distance, to ensure safety. Eat carrots, tomatoes, seaweed, lean meat, animal liver, rich in vitamins A, C, and protein foods, strengthen the capacity of the body against electromagnetic radiation.

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