Fall Skin Care


Fall humidity and temperature have decreased, if the skin sunburn in the summer, or because of excessive oil secretion leads to water imbalance, and even induce severe acne, sensitive skin and easy, all you need to calm the skin to soothe spray to reduce inflammation reaction. Spray spray pat, do not use too much force causing the skin to stimulate again, and then do some simple moisturizer. Other skin restore a stable state, and then use whitening products, otherwise poor condition can also affect the skin whitening effect. Seasonal climate changes frequently, the closest contact with the outside skin is difficult to adapt regulation, sensitive skin more prone to lead to dry, tight, itchy situation, Shumin type of skin care products can best solve the immediate discomfort suffered alleviate skin irritation. But this does not mean that the restless season season into the skin, it must be replaced immediately everyone needs soothing skin care products. The higher oil content will also increase the water content of the emulsion may not. If you do not water in oil, painted on the skin is an additional burden excessive oil emulsion. Use fresh texture, do not buy a bottle of thick moisturizing cream or lotion regularly apply moisturizing mask was correct.

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