Fitness etiquette make you more grace


A weightlifting equipment homing regardless of any time when you are finished using dumbbells or barbells, kettlebells, be sure to carefully these equipment back in place. Remember, the other club members are here to workout, not to come here, “treasure hunt.” You sometimes do not pay attention, give other people a lot of inconvenience.
2 Do not occupying any gym equipment is a public community, all things are shared. You can perform effectively in accordance with the number of group exercise plan, exercise – rest – exercise, keep repeating this three-point line of action.
Here it is necessary to explain what is the number of groups: the idea is that when the number of groups to define the number of operations is based on the sum of the length and the rest, that amount must be set depending on the number of training scenarios to sleep decision. The training process, you should do some action when exercising each body part? Each action engaged in several groups?
3 wipe sweat on instruments Imagine, when you walked in front of a device in high spirits ready to show its mettle, but found covered in the last movement left sweat, what would you react? Bit sick of it ! Or you wipe the sweat on their own, or you switch to another instrument. Of course, you do not want to be that this unfortunate guy.
To give yourself and others more comfortable fitness, here Geigejianyi you: If you exercise sweat, covered with sweat on your fitness equipment, please use the gym offers a disinfectant wipe clean sweat. Meanwhile, before use, you can also bring their own towels mat first, avoid direct contact with the body and the machine.
But before you do your own super group (refers to the continuous use of different actions to train different muscle groups, and many studies have shown that this training method allows muscles get stimulated higher intensity) exercise, you noticed other people also need used equipment you use.
Are you a person occupying several instruments, is not it a bit much? When you train another group of muscle groups, may wish to temporarily unused equipment to others to use, after all, this is not your home gym.
4 learn to limit yourself to take into account the capacity of the cardiovascular system, in general, one of the best sports person only 20-30 minutes on a fitness equipment, try not to exceed this time limit. Games people feel excessive muscle soreness and fatigue, training, enthusiasm faded, loss of appetite, poor sleep. Therefore, the proper exercise, you should take a break, so that both can allow the body to recover and let others benefit from your use of the instrument.
If no one is waiting around, you can certainly feel at ease, free to continue to use, but not to exceed the physical limits like. If you can, please fill in your name on the list of reservations on the use of fitness equipment.
5 Do not throw weightlifting gym equipment although the church, but you also have an obligation to keep quiet here, no reason not to fall from a height to the weightlifting equipment.
While the general exercise can be at home, but if you can rely on those professional fitness equipment, especially for more effective exercise for a certain body part, our objectives are easier to achieve. But, do you know how to properly, politely use all fitness equipment it?
We went to the fitness club is mainly due to the complexity of those instruments can be used to exercise.
You may have visited this gym regulars for several years, techniques and procedures for fitness has long been well known. However, fitness is not a simple muscle movement so simple, more truth in social etiquette and contain them. For gym etiquette, you know? Know how much?
Or say you know you have a gym etiquette thing if the answer is Yes then please control the following guidelines and see for yourself how many points value;? If the answer is No, then the following tips will let you benefit, become a gym “darling” .


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