Look disease from the face of men


Forehead wrinkles sudden increase: this is the case indicate their overburdened liver, to eat less animal fat, such as pork and the like, but should eat some light food, such as spinach, tofu and fish. Red nose: the nose represents the heart of the case. Nose may be red or purple high blood pressure, or too much salt and alcohol intake. Swelling of the lips: This is most likely caused by stomach cramps. Eat more potatoes, sweet potatoes, chestnut, potato, lotus root, etc. Nuanwei food. Redness of the ear: the ear represents the status of the kidney. Red or purple ear description poor circulation. Less alcohol, eat fine food, eat less sugar, more exercise to promote circulation. Cheeks brownish red: red cheeks are signs of high blood pressure. Pay attention to reduce or quit smoking, blood pressure regularly.

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