Mistakes daily drinking


Usually used against the carbonated beverage alcohol, carbon dioxide gas is released in the stomach into the small intestine will force the alcohol quickly, and the speed of the small intestine to absorb alcohol faster than the stomach, thereby increasing the damage. Against the beverage to drink, the surface is diluted wine, the result is easy to drink more and more. Because people start drinking feel like in a drink on the hard drinking, once aware of the role of alcohol when, already drunk. Drinking speed should be slow to fast, drink fast the blood alcohol concentration on something else, and soon there will be a drunken state, if drink slowly, the body has decomposed enough time to ethanol, the amount of ethanol produced less , easy to get drunk. Drinking and smoking, are hurt liver and lung injury. Because the nicotine in cigarettes will weaken the role of alcohol on the body, the equivalent of being “anesthesia”, and unknowingly will be greatly increased alcohol consumption. The higher the degree of alcohol also means higher alcohol content. Because more than 90% alcohol enters the body through a large number of alcohol metabolism in the liver increased the burden of liver detoxification, the higher the degree of alcohol, the greater the intake, the more severe liver damage. In addition, the need to participate when the liver breaks down alcohol by a variety of enzymes and vitamins, the higher the alcohol content of wine, consumed by the body enzymes and vitamins are also more.

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