Half an hour a day without sweat exercise is good for health


No sweat movement known as “light sport” or “light sport.” It is more than strenuous exercise is simple, easy to grasp, especially for those who do not exercise, physical injury, obesity and older crowd. No sweat movement following options: jogging or brisk walking: regardless of location, fitness sessions, the length of time free to grasp, is typical of sculpting light sports. Take a deep breath: Romberg, every effort lungs exhale all the air, then slowly inhale, so you can continue a few times. This exercise can play a chest and abdomen, the role of resistance to fatigue, awaken the body vitality. General tightening: lying down, do a few deep breaths, and then from the toes to the head and neck muscles tighten and then relax a little, carefully to feel every step. Yoga: young and old can practice, can eliminate worry, calm state of mind; maintain steady posture; able to purify the blood, regulate body weight, fat people reduce fat, too thin people are able to gain weight; able to maintain a balanced diet; maintain hormonal balance. Mention Heel: as long as possible to support the body standing with the toe, heel and then lay down, repeated several times. Go look up the balance: will a book on his head forward, feeling the feeling this vertical axis, and timing.
Stretch your shoulder: several towering shoulders, sensory changes during, and shoulders relaxed walking absolutely rely on the natural balance of the arm to maintain a beautiful gesture. Shopping: meet the two conditions required for the exercise – feelings of pleasure and prolonged low-intensity exercise, especially for young people have better results. Note added moisture, after stretching and massage the legs, fatigue.

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