preservative film and health


Currently on the market Preservative film from the raw materials can be divided into three categories (PE or LDPE), mainly for the ordinary fruits and vegetables and other packaging; second category is polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC), mainly used in some cooked , ham and other products packaging; third category is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), can also be used in food packaging, but it has some human health effects. For the purposes of the raw materials, polyethylene and vinylidene chloride Preservative film is relatively safe to human body.
Use according to the classification, Preservative film on the market can be divided into two categories for the refrigerator preservation; one is microwave Preservative film, both for keeping the refrigerator, a microwave oven can also be used. The latter Preservative film in the heat, non-toxic and so far superior to ordinary Preservative film. In general, the proper use of Preservative film food preservation can probably next week or so at room temperature. If containers covered with Preservative film when using Preservative film, not filled to avoid touching food. Avoid contact with food and films when using a microwave oven Preservative film, especially the larger oily foods. When heating food covered containers Preservative film should tie on a few holes, in order to avoid blasting. It should also be noted Preservative film can withstand temperature heating when used in strict accordance with label or brand above the temperature of the heating heat better choice Preservative film.

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