Often eat curry may help prevent brain aging


The survey found that regularly eat curry may help prevent brain aging, increase cognitive performance and a good curry consumption has a close relationship. Curry contains turmeric, and the main ingredient of turmeric curcumin has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. Up to eat curry in India, the chances of Alzheimer’s patients only Americans 1/4. Scientists have found that long-term use of anti-inflammatory drugs can reduce the risk of dementia; And like antioxidants like vitamin E, also has a role in protecting neurons, but mild and moderate slowing of cognitive dementia recession effect is not large capacity. Researchers from the National University of Singapore 1010 not suffering from dementia Asians were studied. According to the habit of eating curry, who were divided into three groups, the researchers on their performance in the mini-mental state tests were compared. In the 2003 survey, these people at the age of 60-93 years old. Most respondents would occasionally eat curry (at least every six months), 43% of people who regularly eat or eat very often (from monthly to eat eat), 16% said they never or rarely ate curry. After taking into account various factors, the researchers found that those who “sometimes” or “often and very often” people who eat curry in the mini-mental state test scores, than the “never and rarely” who want to eat curry much higher. Even those who do not eat curry too many people, there are better cognitive performance.

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