Regular exercise can help relieve fatigue


The brain is the organ most active human metabolism, such as white-collar jobs, are in a highly excited brain activity carried out. They work day by day, at night, continue to work, even late into the night, over time, the brain can not get adequate sleep and rest, fatigue together, there will be lack of concentration, memory loss and other phenomena. When people are in a sleep state, you can make people’s brain and body to rest, rest and recovery. Contribute to people’s daily work and study. Science to improve the quality of sleep is to protect people’s normal work and study life. Through sport so physically strong, cultivate courage, alertness and maintenance of collective interest. Also make awareness, the ability to work to improve. Physical exercise can be done in the area of ??the brain associated with sports excitement, and the area will be relatively concerned with the mental rest. Proper exercise, can eliminate blood stagnation caused by physical inactivity in the visceral organs, and promote blood circulation. Many people think that as long as we can rest and increase the nutritional health, in fact, this is the wrong way. Because if less physical activity, the body can not absorb nutrients well be used, most turn to fat stored in the skin, if regular exercise, can make these nutrients can be well utilized to promote the function of body systems.

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