What is a low-fat diet


Low-fat diet is required to limit the total daily food intake of fat, while improving the quality of fat intake. Should first understand the sources and effects of dietary fat. Fat is one of the nutrients required by the body, which include fats and oils, which are solid at room temperature called fat, is liquid called oil, which is most common in food. There are some fats called lipids structurally similar compounds, including phospholipids, glycolipids, cholesterol, lipoproteins, etc., less affected by dietary fat content. It is to produce the highest energy nutrients, one gram of fat oxidation in the body can produce 9 kcal of energy, protein and carbohydrate energy than the resulting high 1 times. Is a good solvent for fat-soluble vitamins, can promote their absorption, insufficient intake of fat may lead to a lack of fat-soluble vitamins. There is a table for people to bring fat delicious produce a special flavor and appetite. Therefore essential fats in the diet. But too much fat will rise to excessive heat, which causes high blood sugar, high cholesterol and other age-related diseases accumulate in the body.

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