7 Big Mistakes apply mask


Do mask every day
Do not apply the mask every day, excessive maintenance, hair follicles and sebaceous glands over time because of obstruction and inflammation, causing pimples and acne. To know blindly rely mask, excessively frequent use will not make your skin really changed for the better, but the skin will produce a burden.
They frequently do not pay attention to cleaning paste mask
Time continual loss, skin keratinocytes are stacked, in the absence of timely exfoliation, moisturizing mask apply only pay attention every day, which does not seem to fall between the horny substance coated it temporarily smoothed over time lead to results hypertrophy to be horny will not light, the skin becomes dry naturally will lose luster lifeless.
Sleep mask instead of Cream
We recommend using a sleep mask if it is best to wipe clean it before going to bed to sleep on the night! To know more sleep mask actually containing chemicals that irritate the skin, a layer of paste to sleep every day, can easily lead to “over-nutrition” long fat, skin and even sucked the moisture, the skin’s self-repair force will fall. So we should not use every day, twice a week can be.
As acne muscle also insisted on using a sleep mask
Sleep mask usually translucent or transparent gel texture for partial-sensitive and oily skin. Dry skin is recommended to use a higher amount of fat added moisturizing cream mask. Acne skin surface film of choice, because if you use the skin more sensitive to this type of sleep mask is recommended smear after 20 minutes, washed with water, to avoid clogging again closed breeding acne.
Idolatrous silk mask
The reason being respected businessmen silk mask, because the use of mask material to cause a selling point. But this kind of skincare mask, the reason could be the lazy girl who’s quick maintenance artifact depends entirely on the performance of the closed surface film itself. Closed after only lasting effect allows optimal effectiveness. So thin woven silk mask to mask far less effective.
Timeout Wrap, never waste a drop of Essence
Conservation awareness is worth winning, but use the right place! If you apply the mask time overruns, will lead to skin dehydration, loss of nutrients. Follow the instructions to do is wise. If you are really reluctant to throw away the remaining essence, it is recommended for use in other parts of the body.
Fluorescent whitening agents containing strong but mask
Although not arbitrary judgment is no good goods cheaper, but in the world of the mask is too cheap things best not stick, the more miserable if you are not afraid of more words … posted fluorescent agent is not disabled in the market, but to do this kind of work surface ingredients, meaning no practical use.


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    Fluorescent brightener is an electronic conductor, may absorb invisible ultraviolet light, and the decline in the process of transforming the fluorescence released. This pale blue fluorescence can block people face showing a dark yellow, gives rise immediately after the deposition had become white and smooth face mask illusion.

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