Signs of lack of sleep


When exhausted, people can not identify important information and irrelevant information. As a result, the easiest decision is hugely magnified. Moreover, tired easier desperate, last made ??the wrong decision. Weary especially fond of sweets and other simple carbohydrates, this may be because these foods can quickly fill their stomachs. In addition, lack of sleep also reduces self-control, more choice of chocolate instead of carrots. Lack of sleep were more susceptible to disease. In one study, researchers gave healthy participants were injected flu virus. It was found that sleep less than seven hours of chance participants were infected with the flu virus three times higher. And several consecutive nights of four hours sleep a night, their immune response to influenza vaccine inoculation weaker. Lack of sleep can lead to mood capricious. One study found that, when the lack of sleep, we are more likely to feel depressed because of a tired brain function stores more negative memories. Lack of sleep’s behavior is very similar in patients with depression. Former master’s plenty of evidence that, unresponsive, motor skills even worse. In addition, the sleepy also lead to impaired balance and depth perception.

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