The best choice for body


Less weight or less Waist best choice:? Less waistline. Because abdominal fat on the heart and arteries damaging, so the weight is more than waist circumference increased a person’s risk of heart disease. The study found that waist circumference over 32 inches (about 81 cm) for women at highest risk of developing heart disease. Waist measurement method is in the middle of the abdomen or belly button surrounded a tape measure, not too tight, not stuck in the flesh. Choice ordinary toothbrush or electric toothbrush best choice:? Electric toothbrush. A number of studies show that electric toothbrushes to remove plaque and reduce gingivitis more effectively than ordinary toothbrushes. Eat an apple or eat oranges best choice:? Eating apples. University of Nottingham, UK study found that eating apples a week over five, will be significantly improved heart and lung function, asthma and asthma symptoms are greatly reduced. Tea or coffee best choice:? Tea. Both can be refreshing, but tea contains more heart-healthy antioxidants, can promote artery health and prevent cancer. Walking, swimming or jogging best choice:? Walk. Although runners on walking fitness method scoff, but the study found that long-term and regular walking can effectively reduce the waistline. Swim while beneficial cardio health, but has no effect on bone, because less resistance in the water.

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