Skin allergy care


Should disable all cosmetics, skin a buffer time, if peacetime use of hypoallergenic skin care products, you can continue to use; If it is the first time or occasional irritation, but without the use of low sensitivity weekdays care products, then should choose has anti-inflammatory, sedative effect of skin care products dedicated, wash with water after use. If you have persistent redness of the phenomenon, we must go to the hospital for desensitization therapy can also be fully moistened cotton or gauze after saline injection, apply to the face sensitive parts, such injection of saline, safety high, good penetration, with swelling, back red, stable function of the skin, in general, a few days later, the swelling phenomenon will be eliminated. Strengthen the skin’s resistance is also effective basic measures, such as adequate sleep, adequate and balanced diet, emotional harmony, away from pollution and allergens, reduce skin irritation. Just slightly sensitive disposal properly, will soon be restored quickly will have serious medical treatment. To stay away from allergens. Because allergy symptoms will always exist, it is impossible to cure, only always take precautions to avoid contact with allergens may cause allergies.

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