What people do not fit to eat watermelon


Watermelon about sugary 5% and mainly glucose, fructose, sucrose and some will cause blood sugar after eating watermelon to say. Because normal people will promptly secrete insulin, can make blood sugar, urine sugar remained at normal levels. And diabetes is different, watermelon eating too much in a short time, not only the blood sugar will rise, severe illness may also occur due to metabolic disorders caused acidosis, even life-threatening. Daily amount of people with diabetes eat carbohydrates (sugars) is the need for strict control, so if several times a day to eat watermelon, it should be a corresponding reduction in the number of meals and flour products (carbohydrates), so as not to aggravate the condition. Patients with renal insufficiency, on the function of the body of water discharged is greatly reduced, so often appear lower extremity or systemic edema. If you eat too much watermelon these patients, due to excessive intake of water, and the excess water can not be discharged, causing excess water stored in the body, increasing blood volume, and therefore not only edema, and likely to cause acute effort failure. Therefore patients with renal insufficiency to eat or not eat watermelon as well. Oral ulcers are considered in Chinese medicine is yin deficiency, virtual fire caused the disturbance. Since watermelon diuretic effect. If mouth ulcers eat watermelon, mouth ulcers moisture will be needed to recover excessive discharge, thereby increasing the deficiency and heat, so the course stretches and difficult to heal. Because a lot of watermelon water will dilute the digestive juices in the stomach, before meals and after meals will affect the digestion and absorption of food, and before eating watermelon will occupy a large volume of the stomach, so eating a variety of nutrient intake greatly reduced, especially greater impact on the health of children, pregnant women and lactating mothers. For people who want to lose weight through dieting eat watermelon in the meals is a good way to lose food intake is reduced.

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