Prevention of diarrhea and cold autumn


Conversion of the season will result in decreased body resistance weakened and intestinal disease resistance, the beginning of autumn, a gradual decline in temperature, suitable for a number of diarrhea caused by the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, bacterial food poisoning, dysentery, E. coli enteritis bowel disease-prone season. After the autumn should pay particular attention to food hygiene, to develop good health habits, do not be careless. Pay particular attention to food conditioning, attention to climate change cold, exercise, enhance physical fitness. After the occurrence of diarrhea, should seek immediate medical attention. In addition, after the hot summer months, a large body of internal friction, leading to decreased immunity. As the temperature decreases, the virus take advantage, with respiratory diseases into the human body. Especially in early autumn, the temperature difference between day and night, obviously, the public also to prevent the invasion of the common cold and flu viruses.

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