Precautions travel food hygiene


Attention to water sanitation. Generally, the raw water is undrinkable, the journey to the boiling water and disinfection of drinking water purified tap water is the best, followed by spring and deep well water, river, pond, lake must not drink. When no qualified drinking water, fruits instead of water available. Be sure to wash or peel fruit to eat. Eat fruits must be peeled. In addition to pesticide contamination of fruits and place, in the process of picking and sales will also be bacteria or parasites pollution. Valuing each meal, beggars tolerated. Restaurants can be assured of high profile generally eat, food stalls can be selectively eat, or street stalls hawking (carts selling) Do not eat. Although the situation hungry travel a lot, but can not touch the food hawker stalls. If beggars, is equal to take life a joke. Learn to identify trattorias health eligibility. The general eligibility criteria should be: There are health permits, have clean water, disinfection equipment, food ingredients fresh, no mosquitoes, there is dust equipment surroundings clean, collection personnel are not in contact with food and money and food to keep ticket a considerable distance. On the plane to travel or diet. Take a row, because there is no movement condition, the process of digestion of food prolonged, slow down, if not a diet, will increase the burden of gastrointestinal, causing gastrointestinal discomfort.

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