How to protect the stomach of the elderly


Older, the elderly and the muscle layer of the stomach mucous layer gradually shrink, reducing the ability to digest and disease resistance, if not enhance the protection, it is prone to gastritis, ptosis and other diseases. Therefore, the following few Shang Wei bad habits, old friends to try to correct them.
Eat on the move. Many elderly people to “take a walk after dinner,” the existence of Misunderstanding, understood as “a walk immediately after a meal,” actually should be “a walk for half an hour after a meal.” Filling the stomach after a meal is in the state must guarantee an adequate blood supply preliminary digestion. If you eat on the move, part of the blood supply of the motor system would destroy the stomach’s normal digestion. And after a meal break of 30 minutes before you go, help promote gastrointestinal motility. There gastroptosis the elderly, not only can not take a walk after dinner, should be supine for 10 minutes.
After dinner tea. After dinner cup of tea is a lot of old habits for years, the move also Shang Wei. Tea immediately after a meal, it will dilute the gastric juice, affecting digestion and absorption of food. Tea theophylline, interfere with the absorption of protein, trace elements. The correct approach is, after dinner one hour before tea and brewing not too strong. If the fear of thirst after a meal, can be used with soup at dinner.
Before meals and medication. The need for long-term medication for the elderly, taking time to pay attention. Some commonly used drugs such as aspirin, indomethacin, and other significant gastrointestinal irritation, gastric mucosal damage long before meals; Some drugs, such as pepsin tablets, amylase need with food service, timely and be the biggest play help digestion, is not easy in before meals. Most suitable for taking meals on the stomach without irritating drugs such as food material is born Zhuxiaohuayao, pepsin; or required local play a therapeutic role of gastrointestinal drugs, such as astringents, drug absorption, Lee bile medicines, etc.; Some hypoglycemic agents are suitable to take about 15 minutes before meals.
Eat leftovers. Most elderly people are saving, not willing to throw away leftovers, but if you long to eat leftovers, not only hurt the stomach, there is the risk of food poisoning. Especially when the weather is hot, the food overnight if not properly stored, vulnerable to bacterial contamination, eating can easily lead to gastroenteritis. Therefore, it is recommended for the elderly to do a little less at each meal to ensure that every meal to eat fresh food.
Too lazy to chew. There are many elderly people because of poor dental mouth, chewing difficulties, “gulping” This is very harmful to the elderly. The inner wall of the esophagus elderly elastic weak, can not adapt to sudden squeeze, severe esophageal rupture may be plumper, so the old man sure to eat slowly, chew food the more detailed, the more you can reduce the burden on the stomach.


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