Source of human nutrition


One self-care tips for the elderly, is the appropriate amino acid supplement. Amino acids to bitter foods such as bitter gourd, bitter herbs, such as the most abundant. The best source of unsaturated fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acids, can prevent atherosclerosis, protect the heart, and brain puzzle effect. According to nutritionists determination, fish, purslane and other sources for the best. The best source of nucleic acid daily food fish, onion, mushroom, etc. are to share with nucleic acids. But undoubtedly the best source of pollen, which is four times the nucleic acid content of animal hormone, 40 times the meat. The best source of trace elements and vitamins to eat 10 grams of dried mushrooms every day, you can get a day of human physiological needs of all trace elements. Mushrooms also “natural vitamin treasure.” Source of estrogen in soy contains rich plant-based estrogen, is the best substitute drugs. The best source of acid enzymes catalase, glutathione oxidase, is the body’s antioxidant system, “the main force.” It’s best sources are: mushrooms, yam, ginkgo, jujube, hawthorn, royal jelly, ginger, stranded baskets, stone and beans, leeks, peppers, etc.

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