Bones always rang in the end is the Editor


Typically, joint snapping physiologic and pathologic points, most of the joints are physiological, rattle, while other parts of the body without causing discomfort, little harm to the body, no special treatment, but also do not have to this uneasy. But there are some people in the joints, when will be accompanied by pain, swelling and other uncomfortable feeling, then the joint may indicate a problem. Clinically, the disease is more common meniscus, patellofemoral osteoarthritis, etc., this pathological snapping in the knee, ankle, hip, shoulder are relatively common. Tip: Some old knee pain permanently, sometimes even walking felt some difficulties, there may be a extrapulmonary manifestations of lung cancer, because patients without chest pain, cough, hemoptysis and other pulmonary manifestations, easily lead to misdiagnosis. Determine whether the joint ring hidden health problems and age also have a great relationship. In general, young people appear to affect the joints mainly physiological reasons, unless there is trauma; Once older people appear, the more there is to consider whether the local lesion, such as ligament strain, bone spurs, etc. In this case, as soon as possible to a regular hospital for examination to find out the real cause, actively symptomatic medication, physical therapy, or other topical treatments, otherwise it will lead to serious consequences. For example meniscus if not treated, will increase wear and tear on the cartilage, and cartilage damage is irreversible, the patient will walk the inconvenience, and even lead to lifelong regret.

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