Recognized nutrition healthy fruit


Apple ranked first: because Apple is rich in fiber material that can add to the body enough fiber, reduce heart disease, may also lose weight. Therefore Americans dieting each week day, this day only eat apples, known as “Apple Day.” Experiments show that diabetics should eat sour apples; whereas patients with cardiovascular disease and obesity should eat sweet apple; eat cooked apples treating constipation; Apples should eat before going to sleep, you can eliminate the bacteria in the mouth, improve kidney function; if to treat cough and hoarse, then eat a raw apple juice into juice; would heat after eating applesauce is a good prescription for the elderly indigestion. Apricots are rich in β-carotene, can well help the body absorb vitamin A; high potassium content of bananas, which the human heart and muscle function is very good; levels equal weight blackberry blackberry fiber material is three times more than other fruits, helpful for heart health; eat blueberries can reduce the risk of urinary tract infections; cherries can help people protect heart health;

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